A good idea. that I had. just now

Make it so if a video has a long ad bit in the middle you can crop that bit out while adding a video

thank you namaste

next thing you know, we’re cutting up videos to make our own youtube poop
honestly, whatever mod is around should just do this by default, but that’s just my opinion

literally no one ever crops an add at the beginning or end of a vid, so why should we put in something that no one will use. also mods should do it but you shouldn’t force a mod to figure out the time to pos to on their own

They’re getting clever and putting their ads in the middle of the vids, though.

“But let’s take a pause to talk about NORDVPN” insert 5 minute video

Just gotta search along the bar to see where the content ends and $pos that shit. It’s easy. You can normally tell where the ad ends pretty easily.

There’s a ton of moderators that doesn’t understand how POS even works so streamlining that would probably be a good first step. Incorporate the most common misspellings. Much like how the $skip -remove has variants .

jskz changed it a bit ago to streamline the time point, since it used to be just seconds and you’d have to do the math. It’s now just $pos #m#s