:siren: Age-Restriction Bypass!

I have finally found a bypass for age-restricted videos, and have tested it on Goontube. The fix is fairly easy.

  1. Install Tampermonkey for your browser, an extension that allows you to add scripts to your browser that work on certain sites, or all sites.

Click that link, then click the relevant tab for your browser.

b) Go here and click on Install next to any of the first three results (they are the same script hosted on 3 different sites)

It should pop up Tampermonkey with a preview of the script, and an install button. If it doesn’t, turn off your adblock for a moment and try again. After, probably restart your browser to be safe.

Once this is complete, YT vids with age restriction will still show as ‘go to site to view,’ but now they will have a ‘click to enable’ button underneath that will bypass this, and play the video. While it’s not a perfect fix because of the button, it’s not much different than watching Vimeo vids and having to set the volume first.


Test to see if your script is properly installed by trying to play the below video:

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This is cool, because i do think age-restricted videos are only going to get worse on youtube, but in practice, this doesn’t seem to work very well.

It janks out on me like crazy, and I usually have to do something like “toggle” twice to get things back to normal. and it seems like it’s only really effective if everyone uses this, and if it’s this janky i don’t think we can reasonably expect most people to bother with installing this.