Am I crazy in thinking that emotes have shifted?

Did emotes used to be above the text line, not below? Or am I crazy? if i’m not crazy, I preferred ‘above’

if nothing has changed, i’ll just fuck off


also left arrow don’t work anymore

I see some of the other changes you’ve made so far, such as character limit being changed, and I dig the changes so far. :hmmyes:

I rolled the formatting changes back (i.e. allowing for line breaks in the message processing and enabling other Markdown features, and the changes to the chat message styling that were causing this “shift”/emoticon realignment) because there’s just not enough value/time in auditing those changes with the rigor they’ll need to safely deploy, just yet.

As some of this progress does still seem desirable, I kept the following “safe” changes:

  • chat input is no longer single line, and is a text field that can be resized with a new v-splitter
  • allowed chat message length is doubled