Among Us

I decided to throw down the $5 for Among Us and was wonder if anyone was up for setting up a group game sometime? Sorry I’m not super great at making these awesome effort posts about games or anything but I will at the very least add a trailer and link to the steam page.

Among Us - Trailer
Among Us - Steam

LMK when ye wanna play m8.

oi gotttit on PC and mobile :wink:

i think among us goon night would be hilarious

I’m thinking about Satuday or Sunday evening depending on what peoples’ schedules are like. I’m pretty much free most nights I’m not playing Jackbox. Also how long are each game? I’m thinking that they are pretty short rounds but I haven’t tried it yet.

There is, essentially, no way that I can attend anything because of my work schedule, except maybe at 9pm for an hour or so. Rounds can be as short as a couple minutes if the impostor fucks up and gets spotted, or as long as 15 if they’re pretty good at their job. Keep discussion time and voting time down to 15s and 30s respectively to keep the game flowing quickly, and to keep it exciting!

Do you have a night that works better with your schedule?