Auto-Away Weirdness

Hey I’ve been noticing lately that the auto-away clock thingie has been showing up at weird times. Sometimes I’ll notice my status has the clock thing within a minute of the last time I typed so IDK. It’s one of those things that’s hard to document because I’m not sure exactly what triggers the status to be removed.

I assumed that how it worked was whenever goontube doesn’t detect any kind of input or mouse movement for like iunno 10 minutes it switches the status to semi-away. Doesn’t quite seem to be working in that behavior.

I guess my thoughts are that users could be active in chat or wahtever and away which would fuck up the vote skip quoats. Anyone else notice something similar?

This was specifically the hint I needed. Good report!

When I refactored the idle middleware earlier this year, I moved the “reset inactivity timer” too deep into the keystroke event handler.

Fixed, thank you!

(make sure you clear your cache: there’s no cache busting in place)

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