*EDIT* Goontube Spoofer Film Festival 2022 Poll

Hello! It’s been almost 1 year since we did our world famous Goontubular Cookoffathonorama!
Any suggestions to make it better/funner/goonier are enthusiastically welcome!

Polling to gauge interest in doing it again this year.

Upon further discussion, I’ve decided that I’d like to broaden the scope of submissions.

Rather than limiting videos to cooking, participants may submit any videos that emulate or spoof ANY of the many genres of video we watch here in tubes.

I will develop a scope to further flesh this idea out but for now, let’s just say we’re opening the floodgates for your high concept bullshit :kiss:


  • Yes :yes: I want to participate and embarass myself with my mad sick skillz and cooking!
  • No thanks :hmmno:
  • I don’t think i’ll participate :ohdear: but I’ll gladly watch your silly videos :3:

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yes helo i wold like to participet in food crime

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every video wins a prize*

Depends on when you hold it, if I can participate. I’ll be travelling a lot in the near future, but if I can I will.