Emote Thread Redux

I just realized that a lot of emotes I made are saved to my Imgur account!

https://i.imgur.com/IAObhQ9.gif :gabe:

https://i.imgur.com/kkxWZyL.gif :whatatwist:

https://i.imgur.com/x7h8PWb.gif :kong:

thanks, appreciated, love you

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We need :blastu: on tubes why not done

host it on imgur and slap it on the thread

Also I tend to fix up emotes that need to look better in darkmode, e.g. :science: so this helps to see if something needs fixed

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ty jskz



Tip to toe.


Just like Bart.


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gotta include what you want them to be called, boss

edit: ty


https://i.imgur.com/ZncoRpZ.png :beastgag:




humbly requesting a 4-second $popcat popup as well with the sound, but if not it’s no big deal

edit: credit to longshot for finding me a better gif


sure, do you have a larger source img I can use for the popup effect?

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too fast

this is the one

Emote added and $popcat easter egg command added, same as $goodlord and $toasty