Extreme longshot video archival request

hi, rereg from ages ago

does anyone happen to have a video saved from about 10 years a go that was just called Youtubers. It was an assortment of clips taken from peoples uploaded vlogs (that era of youtube)

this is all i have from the playlist link (now dead) and i also think I have a screenshot from it somewhere but i’ll have to look for it.

a couple of years back I got in contact with the email thats in the video, but he too seems to have lost the original video. my last hope is if one of my old friends from here still has it archived. it was my favorite short film.

if you could help me i would love you all the more

this is the freeze frame i’m thinking of:

the video was all sorts of little vignettes of what vlogging was like on early youtube, there was people vlogging with friends, this guy who introduces himself as possibly the oldest youtuber

it always made me want to cry

Oh god I read the thread title and felt such intense dread at having to do something!


Mick B’s real name is Michael Bianchi, and he was living in Paris at some point, so maybe that might help you track it down a little more.

It looks like it was shown at a film fest in 2007, but considering the state of the internet back then, I don’t imagine many copies were leaked.

One post online suggested it was posted here, but the IP times out:

Sometimes you can find alternates to deleted videos by searching for the youtube video ID - 5M5qk1E-4z

Thats extremely helpful thank you, i’ll hit up the film festival and cross my fingers

Watch me pull MAGIC out of my hat…


you can just archive.org deleted youtube videos?!

It might get DMCA’d, it might not, but I’ve reuploaded it as an unlisted link

Yup! Check out this long lost April Fool’s episode of Best of the Worst:


private vid gj

edit: wow this is revelatory

No it’s not hotlinking correctly. I had to put it as preformatted text. C&P that link into your browser.

Time to go through the entirety of my playlists and see if I can find deleted video backups

Glad I could actually help out!

YouTube vid was DMCA’d immediately, so hopefully Vimeo will have better luck: YOUTUBERS on Vimeo

Either way, I have it saved on my HDD, as well

i cant thank the both of you enough. this has made my week

somehow the audio got really desynced i wonder if i can remember how i might fix it

oh it was the vimeo ripper that did it

thank you both so much!!!