Feature request: add to unqueued videos

So here’s an idea for a mod/deputy command. It adds a video that goes into a hidden list which only gets called upon when otherwise autoqueue would initiate.

The idea is you can load up a big/bad/long/etc. video that sits quietly in the background until the playlist runs out. Then instead of going random, the top vid on the secret list plays. That way the big/bad/etc vid doesn’t have to keep getting actual content bumped past it, but also can be set up to play when that content is done and nobody’s posting anything.

No idea if this is possible or useful, but seemed like a fun idea so I’m sharing it.

Hope that feature idea is as clear as mud for you.

Sure, good idea, we can try this out.

The spec for the ask is clear enough:

Backend: Allow for videos to be enqueued “behind” the playlist queue, in reserve. If the playlist is exhausted, try to pop from the hidden reserve and if none are left in reserve it’s auto-adds as usual.

Frontend: I would like to avoid adding any more $commands that are hidden from chat, so I will alter the add video modal to add a checkbox & label explaining the reserve playlist interaction.

Question: does this need to be a mod/deputy feature? I think it’s fine if we just give everybody 1 slot on the reserve list, regardless.

There is also an implied functionality here that I might want to be able to see or manage the reserve playlist if I am a moderator.

No reason not to open it up except for that voice in the back of my head that thinks security first when internetting. And I agree that being able to check/clear the list from a mod point of view would be a good thing.

Maybe not even make the list hidden, just make it so you can add something set as ‘always last’. That would serve the same purpose and might be easier to code. Certainly easier to maintain and remove that nagging voice in my head since it’s all transparent.
The idea came from me wanting to post a multi-hour bob saget video, but having to wait because the playlist was active and I didn’t feel like bumping everything everyone else added. The hidden idea came from not wanting to stop the active posting by having people feel the big vid was in the way or something. Just having something on the list to indicate ‘always last’ would accomplish the same task. All else is feature creep on what I was looking for.

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Additional argument for always last stuff. Posting a bunch of long-form videos that don’t intimidate the short-form posters into thinking they have 45-95 minutes until their posts roll up.

The idea of it being a common and non-secret feature grows as I observe daily goontube behavior with this feature in mind.

It is easier to make it public and publicly indicated? If so, do that, please.

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I like the reserve adds feature a lot as described here. Hidden or visible, either would be highly desirable. would use it very often for streaming my work!

In private chat, BikeShop came up with ‘add to unqueued videos’ as a name for this. mods, plz change topic name.

I like that one.