Fuck you goontube

ban jsnake forever

ban drfishbacks forever

ban jynn forever

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Goontube is the biggest piece of shit website that I have ever used which has stolen my Credit Card number as well as my families honor

hello world

fuck you goontube


fuck you goontube

fuck this gay earth, but especially goontube.

Pizza cats, that is all. :heart_eyes_cat:

Fuck this shit entirely

lol fuck it

sound on

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shit’s all been downhill since the badges were removed

here you go have a badge

I’m in absolute awe that the shitgift only encourages users to use the chat box more instead of add videos which can be more effectively moderated with skip inputs from the users instead of pressuring the “punished” user to engage in more verbal dogfights in the chat. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: [ "There is a line here and your crossed it. Deleted offensive statement and silenced golfshoes2 for 2 days. Do it again, and the number goes up like a COVID case count in florida. v/r, GFDyfed " ]


bye punji

fuck my ass

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lol a catleidoscope

fuck you goontube :slight_smile:

why i never