Goontube Gathering NOLA!

Mardi Gras has too fuckin many people! So instead I’m thinking mid-late jan to feb time frame.

If we get good response I’m thinking we grab beds at because free breakfast and being above a bar.

Lemme know if you can do it this coming winter. SlushGarbo and jskz have shown interest. Zan6 and I will do some of the organizing to make it happen.\


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whats the exact dates? i might be down

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edit: nm

how long do we want this little shindig to go for?

if TJ and zan (thank you for volunteering to do some organizing!) want to pick some dates, we could do a vote in this thread while we wait for feedback/get a sense of interested parties, then try to lock it down so we can book everything well in advance.

you have my attention :allears:

They stopped doing breakfast on account of the covids. But I am interested.

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Unfortunately, a lot of hotels are still using this excuse, but let’s be honest–at this point it’s just about saving money.


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Well, it looks like the mardi gras rates are kicking in for February this year because of shrove tuesday being the 21st. So we’re now looking at January for sure.

Most of the weekends in Jan. are still open with the place over the bar (Balcony Guest House) showing about $150 a night and the place a block away (Creole Inn) reporting $100 a night including their 4 person occupancy suites.

So when in January can you goons make it to NOLA?

I, for one, am available all january.

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My old lady’s birthday is the second week of January. Might be a good excuse for us to take a trip to the big easy :shepface:

Are you folks set on doing it on a weekend? Maybe a Wed-Fri trip or Thurs-Sat trip could be cheaper as far as hotel rates are concerned :yes:

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Doesn’t seem to change the rates in the places I’m looking (Old Town area), but it could make a difference in air fare for those flying in?

We’re open to any combo of days that work for the most goons, vote amongst yourselves. Second week of January has the most specific interest so far. One thing to note is that the most low key of all mardi gras celebrations is the TwelthNight Revelers. Bunch of old people who ride the streetcars to mark the shift from christmas season to mardi gras season. It’ll be Thurs Jan 5th this year.

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  • Wednesday 4th - Friday 6th
  • Thursday 5th - Saturday 7th
  • Wednesday 11th - Friday 13th
  • Thursday 12th - Saturday 14th
  • Wednesday 18th - Friday 20th
  • Thursday 19th - Saturday 21st
  • Wednesday 25th - Friday 27th
  • Thursday 26th - Saturday 28th

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Above poll set for up to three choices per user. Let’s see if we can start to narrow down some dates that work.

weekend dates would work better for getting oddhair to go with me

but this far out i should be able to do at least one night :unsmith:

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If we go thurs-sat, then a fri/sat would be that weekend you’re looking for with thurs being the initial meet up and such while those on tighter schedules are on their way for a friday and/or saturday night as $$ and time off allows.

Creole Inn is small rooms in an historic (likely run-down a bit) building, but at ~$100 a night in NOLA it’s hard to complain since most of our time should be spent seeing the town and rolling deep in the french quarter. They have 5 rooms, 2 with 1 bed and 3 with 2 beds. Would be cool if we can book the whole place as our own goonhouse, I’ll even call up and ask if we get a discount for renting every room as a block if we get enough interest to make it worthwhile.

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Keep us posted on operation goontubehaus, is there anyone who cannot perform Check in 1/12, check out 1/14?

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12-14 seems like the strongest contender to me, plus we get to hang out on Friday the 13th. :shepface:

Since we have some interest in this outside of forums where 12-14 is good, and for those of us using forums 12-14 also seems ideal, how do we feel about locking in Thursday 12th - Saturday 14th for this? The sooner we can try to book the place and get deals on flights, the better.

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this works for me

12-14 sounds good to me. Or 10-15 or 13-14 or whatever people can make that overlaps that range so we can hang out. But 12-14 for those who need a hard set of dates.