Hi, new here

Avoid2 is the name, i’m new.

I’ve been hearing around town that you can be donating to this here site. Yet when I been moseying around I can’t see any donating slot. I been looking and even got angry at this fella, a red name that was no d*** good. I got to cussing him and saying, why is there no donate and this young fella just got all flustered and said I don’t know about no donate, well I said how can you know who about the donate if you’re a redname see? Maybe it’s just how things are round here, no donating, mean spirited folk, scared. Hard winters coming and nothing to donate. Well I say I want a donate slot, we demand a donate slot!

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You think you can just walk in here and purchase a series of tubes?

send me pictures of your feet and I’ll make you a moderator

  • Donate option restored to main menu.
  • Donation system rewritten to be secure with handling of payment details now entirely hosted off-site through Stripe.
  • Tweak: No default amount.

is this offer still valid i have nice feets


the one asking for feet pics calls me sick, ok

i have no idea what you’re talking about :colbert: i am a pillar of upstanding morals and values sir.


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