Hit Shooter Game Density 2

Do you like to shoot the mans?

I don’t play often, but I do own man-shooting game. I don’t think I have the most recent expack, tho

I want to do a drunken/high raid where if you die (and probably some other conditions) you must get high/drunk (but high rhymes). Probably just Leviathan since I’ve been away so long it’s the only one I really know well.

i know last wish enough that I could run one of those up to riven (i dont know how to tell which room is which for the cheese)

I’ve done Last Wish once and I know how to spot the shadow. This or next weekend is good for me. I’m not on the schedule at work

I have never done a raid (or at least not one while sober), so I’ll be worthless whether I’m drunk or not. Should I join? :v:

You should definitely join. The best part of raiding is laughing at the FNG