Just general video game screenshots, idk

I had a Yakuza 0 thread last forums that I was posting screenshots to because that game is a trove, but I figure we can just have a ‘screenshot’ thread

Try to include the name of the game just in case

Yakuza Kiwami 2

20201012042221_1 20201012042331_1 20201012042357_1

Spooky Skeletons!


please post the game name in your posts TIA


Phasmaphobia (obviously)

And yes I was blubbering like a babby during this

Crackin’ that Heartstone

is this a relatively new DRG update or something i just haven’t gotten to yet? haven’t played in like 3 months

New stuff as of Oct 22!

Yea they added two new mission types in the last update. That one has you protecting a drilldozer to go break into that heartstone, and the other has you building pipelines from a central refinery out to resource wells.

Post yer dwarves

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Or is it spiderman?



Lisa is an hilarious game that I’ve put nowhere near the amount of time it deserves into it