New feature: in-app video searching/easy add


UI in progress, but if you start typing keywords here instead of entering a URL, it’s going to (with 2 or more characters) search-as-you-type against the database and give you an easy mechanism to access all historical videos and quickly re-add. YouTube links will try to give a thumbnail preview in the results!

I indexed on the video titles and the user who first added them, so it can be fun to enter usernames as well as keywords.

Use UP/DOWN to page through the whole result set.

There is an “open this link in new tab” button for previewing (thanks CatPetter!)

Have fun and post any feedback+ideas here.


yooooo this rules

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Possible bug?
I found one of my alts from 6 years ago and I reposted a video that said it was first posted by the alt and now it says it is first posted by unamed999.

Screenshot 2021-06-07 113632

I confirmed that it changed the first added on another video that I played by clicking the link in the add. I don’t know if it was because the user is inactive for so long but the user is still in the database.


v. good find, thanks!

this data is not actually being modified - only the search index is being improperly updated with the wrong adder every time the views counts get updated

i’ll fix later on this evening

edit: fixed, along with a few other minor frontend quirks

Did some fixes and added a few extra fields to the results today:


That’s pretty dang cool

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this whips ass

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