October Halloween Movies :pumpkin:

Hey y’all, I wanna bring back an old tradition that I used to run for a couple years: spooky movies through October. I’m going to try to add a movie every Sunday at 9pm EST (5 Sundays total) in the month of October. I was thinking of polling 3 movies per night to choose from. I have a pretty large collection of free movies on YT that are on-topic, but if anyone has movies they’d like to add to the list, please add them here!


edit: I will absolutely find a way for us to watch Psycho Goreman on the 30th even if it kills me

edit2: forgoing voting on videos, I have a pretty solid movie lineup


badass! im down for it and should be able to be there for most of em. will dig for recs as well :slight_smile:


Here’s the playlist of movies that Pen and I collaborate on (barely ever updated) if looking through it will spark any suggestions in your mind

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I love adding Chopping Mall.

I never actually stick around to watch it; I just love adding it.


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Okay, I got my movies selected. I’m just gonna play these movies instead of leave them up to vote, because they all look hilarious. Click for trailers. Reminder that movies start at or around 9pm EST

10/2: Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter (intentionally made to look like a 70s sploitation film)

10/9: Llamageddon

10/16: The VelociPastor

10/23: Helen Keller vs. Nightwolves (this movie left me speechless and I am so excited for it)

10/30: Psycho Goreman (strictly the best horror film I’ve ever seen)

stoked for llamageddon tonight

Deep Rising (1998) is a fun monster movie with Treat Williams

Last night was a good time, with everyone blowing up the sex scene with $ commands. Can’t wait to see the turnout for next week!

Adding a movie to the schedule, if people are feeling it on Sunday, a double feature: The Thing