Playlist Logs

Hey I was wondering if it would be a quick and easy thing to have an offshoot page from the main page that just had a playlist of all the videos added within the last 24 or even 48 hours. Sometimes it drives me crazy when I try and remember some video added earlier and can’t remember it. Honestly I’d be cool if it’s just a super duper simple text log without any formatting. NBD if not and it’s super low priority obviously.


I’ve wanted something similar, would be handy.

sure thing, should not be a large lift. we’ll start with 24 hour retention to a flat-file table text, with exception of any mp4 links

e: respecting my own schedule

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Awesome! No rush and I’m looking forward to it!

You can even just replace the History with this functionality, yea? Maybe just make the History tab report back videos for the last 24 hours instead of per-session?