Random feature idea

Okay, so a lot of times when someone posts a video and they’re done with it, they might hit skip. But then someone else was watching it and wants to go back to that point. How about an intermediary skip. If that makes sense.

How I visualize it is a button that shows up when its your video playing, or when its your video the skip button becomes a pulldown. The idea is the poster of a vid can hard skip (end it now) or soft skip (counts as a regular skip from any other user. Maybe or maybe not have something to indicate it was the poster who soft skipped so others can join in if such is the mood, I hadn’t thought that far ahead yet.

Might be easiest to make the skip button a soft skip all the time and give the poster direct access to the mod $skip command? Anyway, something along those lines so you can say I’m done with my vid, but you goons can keep watching or not.

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I like this idea, anybody have an issue with changing the self-skip behaviour?

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