RIP bugattitype57

He wasn’t around for a long time but I think a few of you got to know him in some capacity.

Bug died in a car crash on Saturday 11/28/2020 in the wee hours of the morning.

He was a weird dude and that’s what made him great. Solid gold.


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he was a cool guy from what little time I had to know him. I’ve talked to him a couple times in voice, as well as on cams, and we had a good time. (Dude was literally on discord and cams on his phone, it was pretty funny)

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aw damn.

I only talked with him a few times, but he was a cool guy and it sucks that he’s gone

This sucks ass :C rip Bugatti

holy shit… life is short, y’all

funniest story he told was about his neighbor lady saying something rude and he told her to suck his dick RIP king

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I believe I may be able to elaborate on that one a bit, (although he may have told multiple neighbor ladies to suck his dick).

We had an orange tree in the back yard that we hung old beer cans from with fishing line and an old hubcap. We’d shoot em with my old red rider BB gun and we’d sit back there for hours plinkin’. I guess the neighbor’s husband was sleeping and the plinking woke him up (11AM) so she popped her head over the fence to tell Bug to shut up. He flies off the handle and says something to the effect of “bitch I pay my rent here! why don’t you come over here and suck my dick!” and proceeded to go on a tirade about paying taxes and people telling him his business. I don’t think i’ve ever see him go nuts like that before. It was like a Tuesday morning. What a day.

the way he told it, this was something that happened really recently, so i guess he made a habit of telling old ladies to fuck the hell off. good on him

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still sad about this honestly, bugatti was a friend

iirc there was a recent story about a lady telling her friend she liked to look at bugatt thru his windows. she was telling her friend in Spanish, and didn’t know bug knew spanish too, so he asked the peeping Tina if she wanted to s the d


you got it, that’s the one lol