Safari chat display issue

The following amusing issue has been impacting both Safari and mobile users for some time now:

This is a style regression that was introduced when I changed the white-space CSS property on every chat message element to pre-wrap in order to respect line-breaks in the message text (because I’d just added the resizable multi-line chat input feature and it seemed pointless if line-breaks are not actually respected in the chat.)

While it was working fine on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, it turns out that both Safari on desktop, and Safari/Chrome/Firefox on mobile, all have a horrific psychadelic freakout if the outermost container is set display: flex, and messages will stack, overlaying each other, rather than the container element scrolling as intended.

Utilizing block on that particular element has no apparent layout impact, but results in intended display across all browsers and mobile.


Please let me know if you see any layout weirdness with chat after this change.

How do I enable this feature in Opera?


no lynx support? wtf! :qq: