Share your favorite Thanksgiving side dish

Since this year is gonna be a non-traditional Thanksgiving, and we’re all (HOPEFULLY!!!) going to avoid large gatherings and the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, I’d like to know: what is everyone’s nontraditional side dish that is usually a hit at your Thanksgiving dinner? Do you do something incredibly different with mashed potatoes that sends it out of the park? Do you have a tradition that started in your family long ago because Uncle Sal decided to bring beer-battered onion rings one year, and it became a staple?

Ours is fried cauliflower. Basically just cauliflower florets with a panko breadcrumb crust. If we don’t make this for Thanksgiving, my family will riot.



So these were baked sweet potatoes that the missus scooped out and pureed with garlic, spinach and feta. They turned out p gud.

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twice baked sweet potato, I dig it