Twitch link error

Tried to embed and got this error:

documentation link:

Right, looks like this embed scheme has changed entirely on me. It was previously working but only with live streams. Rewrite to follow.

e: I’ve disabled this embed source on the server for now, as it is broken/undefined until I release twitch provider rewrite.

As promised, the following enhancements have been made:

  • Rewrote the Twitch video provider
  • No longer so loose with what URLs are accepted: it must be either a sane video or a sane stream URL that is validated by Twitch API
  • No longer limited to live stream links: “videos” (but not “clips”) are now also supported, with duration and title retrieved (and sanitized)
  • Streams now also use the Player client API
  • Streams also retrieve the (sanitized) title from the API, no longer just displaying the channel name

If you experience crashing around the Twitch player in the frontend, please ensure you have cleared out your cache and downloaded the latest version of goontube web app (reload!) There are breaking changes.

Thank you for reporting the regression/bug. Enjoy and let me know if there are issues or bugs.

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excellent, thanks :thumbs: