Update: SponsorBlock integration and unread messages preserved between sessions

I released two small quality of life patches this evening:

  • SponsorBlock integration:

Suggestion from thecommodore64:

The SponsorBlock service provides an API in front of a crowdsourced database of “sponsor segments” in YouTube videos: an inline 2 minute cutaway where the youtuber babbles about Raid: Shadow Legends? This service is very likely to have an entry for that reported by somebody using a browser extension.

We now try to query the SponsorBlock service for those sponsor segments on each YT video’s playback. The server does a $pos-like set position behaviour and fast-forwards through any sponsor segments for the video.

  • Unread whispers are always preserved between sessions:

Previous behaviour: only whispers for currently offline users are preserved. Once the offline recipient logs in, any offline messages preserved are immediately deleted as they are sent to the user.

New behaviour: whispers are preserved until read. Once the user activates the tab with a new message, the client sends a message acknowledging read. On receipt of this message, the message is deleted.

PoundCoin asked for this change as a suggestion to make offline messaging more reliable, especially considering the weird leak-y behaviour if you let goontube sit unused out of focus over longer periods of time. Thank you PC!

Keep an eye for any bugs in the new features or regressions and report them here as they may come :slight_smile:

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