Weird Cam Issue

Apparently some users are reporting issues with cams not showing up correctly. I’ll add a screenshot from Holmium.

Cam Weirdness

I may need some more context to troubleshoot/fix this one, but a few points:

  • I took a quick look in the session logs for the webcam service and all of those ID strings being shown instead of nicknames correspond to HornySnakeGoatXV. In this case, this was probably a connectivity issue for one user that is leaving a bunch of “ghost” sessions behind without associated nicknames. As HornySnakeGoatXV tried repeatedly to cam up, more of these broken sessions would’ve been created for peers.
  • If you do see straggler sessions with frozen images or ID string/other weirdness while using cams, you can hover an individual cam to see its controls in the top-right corner, transparently: clicking the X will hang up the connection and remove that particular cam.

I’ll at least look at a couple of workarounds to prevent this case: timing out peer sessions without nicknames is probably a good start.