Youtube Video Essays

The point of this thread is to post long-form videos that you all would like to share. I’m mostly a :nitecrew: dude, so I usually just post music or dumb short-vids. This thread is for sharing videos that you like to watch that are about any topic, but goes into depth on that topic. I’ll post a few examples of the channels/videos I like to watch:

Dan Olsen’s video on "Doug Walker’s “The Wall”: The Nostalgia Critic and The Wall - YouTube

Dan Olsen’s video about Flat Earth and Qanon: In Search Of A Flat Earth - YouTube

Lindsay Ellis’s 3 part series on “The Hobbit”: The Hobbit: A Long-Expected Autopsy (Part 1/2) - YouTube

Hbomberguy’s video about Vaccines": Vaccines: A Measured Response - YouTube

If any of you have other videos from other channels like this that you would like to share, I’d like to see them.

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Cool thread idea.

Here’s a great exposé on fraud and manufactured inflation in retro game auctions.

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That channel has some interesting stuff on it.

Here’s another channel that does misc. interest pieces. He has a bunch of videos about John McAfee but I’ll link this one on Dan Nainan, a shitty comedian that you can find lots of other comedians talking about what a douchebag he is:

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Some old fart who invented a cure for butt worms

here’s another good one

This channel, Thought Slime - YouTube has a ton of good essay videos too

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longform video essays on various topics but mainly weird internet shit (including one on caro)


LoL i loved the Bob VS Nintendo video

Gaming Historian puts out some really fantastic, well researched and well put together videos:

Also here’s another good on I watched today on LHOHQ:

In the vein of gaming history stuff, this channel has a bunch of videos about troubled game productions. I’ll just post the playlist cause they’re mostly ~20minutes long but if you scroll down it you’ll probably find a title or two that you’d be interested in hearing about: