Youtube Video Essays

The point of this thread is to post long-form videos that you all would like to share. I’m mostly a :nitecrew: dude, so I usually just post music or dumb short-vids. This thread is for sharing videos that you like to watch that are about any topic, but goes into depth on that topic. I’ll post a few examples of the channels/videos I like to watch:

Dan Olsen’s video on "Doug Walker’s “The Wall”: The Nostalgia Critic and The Wall - YouTube

Dan Olsen’s video about Flat Earth and Qanon: In Search Of A Flat Earth - YouTube

Lindsay Ellis’s 3 part series on “The Hobbit”: The Hobbit: A Long-Expected Autopsy (Part 1/2) - YouTube

Hbomberguy’s video about Vaccines": Vaccines: A Measured Response - YouTube

If any of you have other videos from other channels like this that you would like to share, I’d like to see them.

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Cool thread idea.

Here’s a great exposé on fraud and manufactured inflation in retro game auctions.

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That channel has some interesting stuff on it.

Here’s another channel that does misc. interest pieces. He has a bunch of videos about John McAfee but I’ll link this one on Dan Nainan, a shitty comedian that you can find lots of other comedians talking about what a douchebag he is:

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Some old fart who invented a cure for butt worms

here’s another good one

This channel, Thought Slime - YouTube has a ton of good essay videos too

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longform video essays on various topics but mainly weird internet shit (including one on caro)


LoL i loved the Bob VS Nintendo video

Gaming Historian puts out some really fantastic, well researched and well put together videos:

Also here’s another good on I watched today on LHOHQ:

In the vein of gaming history stuff, this channel has a bunch of videos about troubled game productions. I’ll just post the playlist cause they’re mostly ~20minutes long but if you scroll down it you’ll probably find a title or two that you’d be interested in hearing about:

Gonna suggest Tom Nicholas to the list. His new video (which I’m currently watching) is titled, " Veritasium: A Story of YouTube Propaganda" and discusses promotional material in science youtube channels in particular a marketing campaign to improve the image of reliability of self-driving cars. Expect your standard BreatTube type stuff here. His other stuff is worth watching too!

Incredibly long winded choose your own adventure review of the (edit) BEST (edit) WORST game (edit) ever made that eventually got made cyberpunk2077

New Dan Olsen video:

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An excellent documentary about why going to disneyland is pointless.


Not a video essay per se but…this is a fantastic session with some of the best seasons of Simpsons writing staff.

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cool thread :slight_smile:

if y’all haven’t found Tech Ingredients yet, it’s this awkward but awesome mad professor type of dude who builds sweet stuff in his fancy New England barn workshop.

he’s built an LRAD and tested it on family and friends, distills and concentrates alcohol in various ways, tests a rocket in the driveway to the alarm of his neighbors, and builds sweet, cheap DIY home speaker setups with lots of cool audio science.


todays vid

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